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Window Awnings

small fabric or canvas shade

Windows bring beauty into our homes and commercial properties. But they also bring in heat, glare and sun damage. Windows can make it harder to control the temperature of your indoors. In order to increase your quality of life, Awning Brooklyn Pros now offers window awnings. This is a perfect option if you would like to control the sunlight that comes into your home, without blocking your view to the outdoors. Our company makes sure to provide the best window awnings in the industry. They are wind and waterproof, they are resistant and practical. Basically, once they are installed, you won’t need to worry about them again.


There are many benefits to installing window awnings to your home or commercial property. For example, they can save you money. It’s true! In the long run, they can make your electrical bill more efficient. How? Window awnings block out the sunlight and heat from entering your home. By keeping the heat outside, you can drastically reduce energy consumption inside, while all the time protecting you from harmful UV rays. That’s why we always tell our customers to consider windows awnings as a long term investment that will benefit your home and budget in the long run.

Automatic Awnings

There has been great technological advances in the awnings industry, allowing customers to lead more comfortable lives. One of such advances is the automatic awnings. With a press of a button indoor, your awnings can retract or expand according to your needs. The motorized awnings allow our clients to have more control over their sunlight. This means that the awnings are only out when you need them, making them efficient and reliable for any circumstance. Lastly, we would like to mention that our automatic awnings are power efficient, which means that our clients don’t need to worry about expensive electrical bills.

Customized products

At Awning Brooklyn Pros, we believe that no two customers are alike. Neither are their homes or their windows. That’s why it’s important for us to comprehend each new project as a whole new opportunity to provide quality window awnings. Each awning that we installed in custom built to perfectly fit your window. Both the length and width of our window awnings are carefully designed to match your home. Furthermore, in order to allow our customers to have a wide range of options, we provide more than a 100 colors, fabric and designs to choose from. This way, we can ensure our clients that new window awnings will perfectly fit the rest of the property’s aesthetics and exterior decor.

Specialized crew

Window awnings might not seem like a very difficult task. If you do a quick google search, you might even find a few DIY tutorials to help you get the job done. However, by doing so, you might put your hardscaping at risk. At Awnings Brooklyn Pros, we have certified professionals who have the skills and knowledge to get the job done. We guarantee great workmanship, with professionalism and beautiful results.  Don’t risk your exterior decor to a failed DIY project, hire us today to get a professional to install awnings to your beautiful windows. Don’t think twice and call us today! You won’t regret choosing the best service in the industry.

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