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Patio Awnings

backyard automatic canvas awning

Nothing beats those beautiful summer days in Brooklyn. The nice weather, comfy summer clothes and lemonade are a treat to enjoy, especially if you can share it with friends and family. Having a patio in your residential property is an excellent way to enjoy the amazing outdoors. It’s the best spot for barbecues, get togethers and dinner parties. Why not enhance these memorable experiences with an awning? Awning is the best solution to enjoy your patio all year round. No matter rain or shine, with a patio awning you can sit back and enjoy your day in the outdoors.

Outdoor living

After years of experience, Awning Brooklyn Pros has been able to reach hundreds of Brooklyn homes. We have seen all sorts of different exterior designs and hardscapes. One thing that we have been able to confirm is that there are endless options for maximizing your outdoor living experience. Many of our clients use their patios to have outdoor cinema, celebrate birthday parties or just enjoy a nice, quiet dinner. Whatever you choose to use your patio for, we can guarantee that an awning will be finishing touch to make the most out of your space.

Exterior Design

At Awning Brooklyn Pros, when we talk about patio awnings, we are talking about style. We like to think that our awnings add beauty and innovation to our client’s property. We also consider that a well chosen design for a patio awning is a way of showing off our customers amazing lifestyle. At our company, before we install an awning patio, we always make sure that we have an in-depth conversation with our clients, in order to fully understand their expectations. Based on the information that we gather, we are able to provide unique, customized awning designs for our client’s patios.


Our company has years of experience installing patio awnings in tons of Brooklyn houses. This has given us the expertise to provide a quality installation process. Thanks to our reliable and attentive crew, we are renowned for our incredible craftsmanship. Whether it’s a small patio in an apartment building, or a large patio in a townhouse, we always install beautiful awnings. Our crew makes sure to carefully measure all the dimensions where the awnings will go, and consult with our clients to get their approval before going ahead with the installation process.

Maintenance and repairs

We are 100% sure that our clients are completely satisfied with the awnings that we install. However, we are also well aware that patios awnings require maintenance service over time. As seasons go by, it is normal for patio awnings to “wear and tear”. Especially after a long winter season or heavy rain. That is why Awning Brooklyn Pros is pleased to offer our clients with our amazing maintenance and repair service. We offer affordable deals to make sure your awning is always looking as good as new. Maintenance and repairs helps patios awnings reach their full potential. It’s definitely a good investment you won’t want to miss out from.

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