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Metal Awnings

metal covered backyard patio

Metal awnings are one of the most versatile products we have. Why? because our customers request them for just about any space: for a  garage, above an A.C box, for residential patios, windows or doors. A metal awnings is a product that can mix and match with other materials, such as wood and aluminium, making it a popular item amongst residential and commercial property owners. They are also an affordable option, in case you have to stick to a strict budget. At Awning Brooklyn Pros, we have been installing metal awnings for years. Thanks to our experience, professional crew and specialized tools, you won’t want to get your metal awnings anywhere else.

Different designs

Sometimes we get customers that are unsure about metal awnings. They worry that metal is dull and lifeless. However, nothing could be further from the truth! At Awning Brooklyn Pros, we offer a wide range of styles and designs to match any property. In case one of our clients has a specific idea in mind for their metal awnings, we are more than happy to hear them out. Thanks to our crew of creative professionals, we can paint, cut and modify the awning so that our clients are completely satisfied. Plus, we can combine with other materials, such as wood, aluminum or fiberglass. This way, we can guarantee that metal awnings add beauty anywhere.

Weather Protection

One of the reasons our clients love metal awnings so much is because they are completely reliable. Since they are fixed awnings, they are a suitable product to protect your doors, window and patios seals from harsh weather. In order to guarantee our clients with an outstanding product, we protect the awnings with an extra coating of concealer. This concealer won’t be visible or affect your exterior decor, but it will allow your metal awning to last longer. It will make it even more resistant to wind and rain. This way, once we install the metal awning, our client’s don’t have to think about it ever again. They can focus on relaxing and enjoying their day.


At Awning Brooklyn Pros, we know our clients have to balance their budget. Times are hard and sometimes it seems like everything just gets harder and harder to buy. In order to meet the different needs of our clients, we are pleased to say that we have affordable metal awning options. This product is top quality! It is long lasting and beautiful, without having to be overly expensive. We usually recommend this option to any customer that is looking to make home renovation on a tight budget. At Awning Brooklyn Pros, we have any type of product for any type of client.


We never get tired of saying: Awning Brooklyn Pros believe that our customers deserve top quality customer service! That is why our company works very hard to make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the results we offer. We guarantee that when you hire a metal awning installation, you will receive a certified crew of technicians at your doorstep. Our staff is not only incredibly skillful, they are also kind and understanding.They are all creative and goal oriented. Which means they have the initiative to solve just about any metal awning problem. We constantly provide training courses for our team, so they are always up to date on the latest designs and technology. By strengthening our great crew, we can reassure our clients that they are hiring the best service out there.

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